Why to Opt For Ultrasound For Breast

It is not under normal circumstances that a doctor will prescribe an ultrasound for breast to any woman until the need is felt. There are a good number of women who often complain of breast anomalies or a pain and lump in the breast but they don’t care enough to visit a doctor for examination. The time for diagnosis matters a lot as in many cases a simple lump can turn out to be malign and lead to a deadly disease like breast cancer. The truth is there are innumerable women all over the world who have lost their lives to this deadly disease. Late diagnosis and treatment are the culprits in most cases. That is why at the slightest of hint it is necessary to visit a doctor who can give the right advice. Usually mammograms are advised upon but an ultrasound for breast is advised for several other conditions.

An ultrasound for breast is a painless procedure. During this process sound waves are made to bounce off the surface of the body and the resulting echoes are recorded for diagnosis.

Under what conditions is an ultrasound for breast suggested

Following are the conditions when an ultrasound for breast is suggested by a doctor:

  • If a woman is pregnant
  • If the breast tissues are too dense for a mammogram
  • If your age is less than 25
  • To check whether breast implants are damaged
  • To loo closely on any area spotted in a mammogram
  • To be sure of the position of a tumor
  • To ensure whether a lump is a cyst or a solid mass

How to prepare for a breast ultrasound

There is no extensive preparation required or involved but you have to be mentally strong. Normal diet is recommended but one should not use any cosmetic on the breasts. Loose clothing is advised upon.

The Process

A tiny needle is inserted and a small sample of cells are removed and analyzed by a pathologist. This type of biopsy is less invasive than surgical biopsy, and there is little to no scarring.

Once the procedure is done and the results come in your doctor will share the details. You will be able to know whether there is anything to be worried about or not. If unfortunately there is some seriousness to the diagnosis then further tests and treatments are recommended and if needed possible surgeries.

An ultrasound for breast is a safe procedure and one need not be afraid of the same.  The ultrasound is used to merely direct the doctor to the exact area of concern. It is for a better judgment and should be conducted by a doctor who has super diagnostic skills and would provide a detailed analysis and explanation. A transparent discussion is much appreciated in these matters as the patient also feels at ease. A good doctor will not only have a proper discussion but will be compassionate. They will be patient with all your queries and would try to answer all the questions properly.