Faii Ong – A Compassionate Medical Professional Devoted to Transform Lives

Essential tremor and Parkinson’s Disease are disorders of the nervous system that adversely affects movement. They often face shakes’ predicament in the hands that cause things to fall out of their fingers. Thanks to new technology from England, GyroGear, an esteemed company specializing in wearable technology solutions created by a qualified medical professional team, has introduced a special glove called the GyroGlove. This unique pair of gloves has spinning gyroscopes to assist patients with Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremor regain control over their shaking hands.


Faii Ong – A personal experience that is now changing lives


The brainchild behind the now popular GyroGlove is Faii Ong, the CEO, and Founder of GyroGear.


After completing his medical graduation, he was in a team that was assigned to the care of a 103-year old patient in England. In the beginning, the origins of the condition of the patient were not clear. The team wondered whether the condition was a disease, something unknown, may be malignant, or just undiagnosed. Later, he decided to come back and check on the patient during the lunch hour. He observed the patient spent about half an hour sipping soup, except that her hand tremors’ involuntarily shaking tremors spilled everything down.


He took the time to clean the patient up and asked the nurses what they were doing to her condition. They said she was over a hundred years old and suffers from memory loss with bad shakes as medications administered to her do not work anymore, so they nothing much to do. This reply moved and shocked him so much that he resolved to develop a handshaking solution and tremors himself.


This incident made him remember his childhood days, where he used to play with gyroscope toys. This is the same technology you will find in the electronic and aviation industries. He realized that this same technology could be deployed for stabilizing shaking hand tremors, and the idea of GyroGear and later GyroGlove saw the light of day!


How does the GyroGlove help patients with Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors?

The gyroscopes inside the GyroGlove are discs that spin. They are regularly used in aerospace technology, and they operate in the same way as children’s toys. They conserve angular momentum for staying upright in any sort of plane of movement. They can counter any inputs of force in any kind of direction proportionately and fast.

In the past, healthcare and medical professionals have evaluated weights, elastic bands, springs, fluid dampeners, soft robotics, hydraulics, and more to help patients with essential tremors and Parkinson’s Disease. However, sadly, none of them worked effectively as expected.

The GyroGlove has gained immense popularity ever since its advent in the market thanks to the use of gyroscopes in the gloves. They are responsive, simple, and reliable. They are predominantly used in rockets, space satellites and have been chosen for the GyroGlove to help patients stabilize their lives thanks to the innovative idea and compassion of Faii Ong, who has been inspirational in making the lives of those that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremors better!