Cashier Myricks – Safety Tips for Dining While Traveling During the Pandemic


The Pandemic took over the world at the start of 2020, and its threats still loom high in some regions. However, after six to eight months, people are now gradually coming out of home quarantine and lockdown to accept and adapt to the new normal in the Covid-19 era. Though schools and colleges in most nations remain shut, businesses have embraced a hybrid model where 30 to 50 percent of their workers go to the office while the rest stay at home and work. Air, road, and train travel have opened up, keeping adequate safety measures for passengers to maintain social distancing and avoid the risks of close contact and contamination as best as possible.


Cashier Myricks – Traveling and eating out during the Pandemic


Cashier Myricks is a travel blogger who has visited several places in the world. He loves to share his traveling experiences with others and often shares valuable tips when it comes to solo traveling, food trips, city guides, and much more travelers should know. He says that many travel destinations have opened up, and safety guidelines are being embraced to avoid infection risk. However, when it comes to eating during your trips, you must ensure that you take extra safety measures as you will be visiting restaurants and cafes where several people might frequent.


Given below are some simple dining out tips that he suggests you should keep in mind while you are traveling during the Pandemic-

  1. Avoid food buffets- Though buffets are attractive and restaurants love to offer them to their guests on a regular basis, you should avoid dining with them. The reason being many people are using the same dispensers and common utensils where the food is laid out. If you really wish to eat at a food buffet, ensure the restaurant has a carte option.


  1. Choose a restaurant with open spaces and airflow- If the climate is suitable, opt for restaurants with open windows and natural airflow. In case you need to dine inside the restaurant, ensure social distancing norms are maintained.


  1. Research online if you need to eat out at a new place for several days- In case you need to stay in a location for some days, make sure you search for good restaurants online. Read their honest reviews to ensure that the waiters are wearing adequate protection gear like masks, face shields, gloves, etc. Ensure the restaurant frequently cleans the table with recommended disinfectants laid down by the WHO and CDC.

According to Cashier Myricks if you have further queries or other concerns about a restaurant’s safety measures, do not hesitate to call up the restaurant and speak to the manager. While you are eating, you should handle your face mask properly. Keep it in an area that has been disinfected. Once you have finished eating, remove the face mask with its ear loops, fold it, and keep it inside a bag. Once you reach home, wash it or if it is a disposable mask, make sure to throw it away in a place that will not pose the risks of infection for others.