Launches New Freelance Platform

Enables freelancers to find gigs while providing innovative outsourcing options suitable for the COVID economy

NEW YORK—October 1, 2020— has launched a new freelance platform that enables
freelancers to find gigs while offering businesses an innovative outsourcing solution. As the COVID
economy keeps people at home, outsourcing of work to freelancers has increased. Fewer people have
regular jobs, so more individuals are building businesses for themselves as freelancers online. facilitates the outsourcing and gig seeking processes hire php developer 11 best freelance.

“Our mission is to build and support people who want to achieve their ‘dream jobs,’” said a
spokesperson for the company. “We enable freelancers to build businesses from scratch, to the point of
where they can stand firmly.”

The site functions as a marketplace for freelancing, with freelance gigs available in such categories as
Design & Creative, Gaming, Marketing and more. Customers can search by gig category and see relevant
freelancer profiles before choosing whom they want to fulfill their outsource work needs. Additional
categories include Business, Engineering & Architecture, IT Networking & Data Science, Mobile
Development, Video & Audio, Web Development and Writing & Translation.

Within each category are sub-categories and gig listings. In Web Development, for example, buyers can
find gigs advertising “Rank Your Website by Magical SEO Package” or “I will develop the perfect website
for you.” Freelancers can price their gigs as they wish, though buyers can of course select by price—so
the platform results in a balance between supply and demand. Sub-categories for Web Development
include Back-end Development, Bootstrap, C#, Ecommerce Development, Front-end Development and

The company operates as a global marketplace that connect buyers to highly professional and
dependable freelancers. “Our freelancers can handle virtually any kind of project/job and get it done to
the client’s satisfaction.” The site enables buyers and sellers to rate one another. was
founded on the notion of flexibility. “We want you to be in control,” the spokesperson added. “With, you can choose how, where and when you work.” The site provides integration with
common payment processors like PayPal that handle the financial transactions the buyers and sellers

The timing of the launch is fortuitous. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the
businesses operate worldwide. Fewer people are working from offices. As so many people are working
from home, the concept of home-based freelancers is growing in acceptability. Large companies as well
as entrepreneurs and small businesses are increasingly seeking freelancers for their outsourced projects.

“Working with a freelancer is a great way to handle the new pressures of the pandemic,” the
spokesperson noted. “It’s not as burdensome as hiring a creative agency or engaging with a staffing
company. You get a lot of flexibility and choice, as well as economy. What people need, however, is a
functioning marketplace. That’s what we do. Without a marketplace, it can be a hassle to find
freelancers and trust that you’ll get what you need from them on time.”

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